Portrait Portfolio

We have over 23 years experience doing photo shoots for a wide range of people and we are regarded as one of the best creative photographic studios in Chennai. People regularly travel from all over the India to work with us rather than other studios they've looked at because of the creativity of our work, and they recommend their friends afterwards because they had a great experience and loved the photos.

What we offer is unique:

 BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS - Would you rather have an established photographer with a great reputation who cares about the results, or an impersonal company that only cares about getting as many people through the door as possible. Compare our work with other photo studios and you'll see the difference.

 INCLUSIVE PRICES - Our prices are clear, up front and include all the best photos.

 FEEL COMFORTABLE - Our studio isn't a huge warehouse with 10 people watching! It's a relaxed, informal environment so you feel as comfortable as you would at home.

 WARM-UP SHOTS - We do as many warm-up shots as necessary. You don't need to know any poses or have any experience. It's our job to make you feel comfortable and look good.

 REVIEW - We show you the images as we go along; to make sure you're happy with them.

How It Works:

For a shoot, we work according to your requirements and together we come up with whatever style of images you want, whether that's fashion, portraits, headshots, dance, glamour or something else. Or if you're not sure and just want a portfolio or variety of styles, We will offer you guidance on what clothes and accessories to bring. Some people have specific looks in mind that they want us to create; others aren't sure yet and want our input on what styles would suit them. Either way, we will discuss it when you first arrive for the shoot and together pinpoint exactly what photos would be most beneficial and fun for you to do. We'll also do test shots as we go along that you can see, so you can make sure that the photos are ones you like.

There's a lot of good looking people on our website,( these are all normal people, just good lighting and having fun) but you don't need to be a model - most people who work with us aren't, and the majority have never done a photo shoot before. Plenty of them are convinced they're not photogenic and certainly not all are skinny! We are used to working with all shapes, sizes and ages. So don't worry if you're a bit camera-shy - everyone is at first. We are not expecting any previous experience or knowledge of poses.


Retouching of the best photos is fully included in the price of the shoot (except for the IMAGEMAKER 1 package). The number of images retouched depends which package you book. Skin smoothing and slimming can also be included in the retouching free of charge but must be discussed with me before the day of the shoot as it's not always possible in all shots.

What You Get:

About a week after the shoot, You'll get a CD of the best (Depends on package chosen) images retouched, in both color and a few black and whites, all in both large size for printing and small size for the internet. So there will be two different versions of each image on the CD: Large Pix & Small Pix.

What Happens on the Day

On the day of the shoot you bring a variety of outfits/accessories/props that suit the looks and ideas you want to go for. We don't provide wardrobe, so you need to bring your own clothes. If you're not sure exactly what you want, we can discuss it, either on the day of the shoot or before at the studio or on the phone. When you arrive, we'll discuss the outfits/looks/ideas. Then you'll have makeup and hair done (if you've opted for a makeup artist). We'll do some warm-up shots to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and then proceed with the shoot. The whole process is fun!

With each outfit/idea there'll be a different lighting setup, and you'll get a chance to review the images we've just taken to make sure you're happy before moving on to the next look.

How to Pay

In order to book we need a non-refundable deposit from you, either by cash/card/cheque and then the remainder you just pay on the day of the shoot. (Or earlier if you prefer)

Alliance Portrait

which is a one hour photo shoot with Makeup & Posture guidance, you will get a DVD of the best photos, retouched Black & White pictures with this package.

Half a day Shoot

Portfolio photography suitable for models starting out, and for entry level portfolios with makeup & posture guidance. We do a variety of looks, whatever styles you like, including head shots and full body shots. So it's perfect for starting or adding to a portfolio. This package gets you the best images retouched on the DVD.

Full Day Shoot

Portfolio photography suitable for serious models wanting to break into a modeling career, for professional level portfolios. There will be the best images retouched on the DVD, enough to create a whole portfolio from scratch. Includes Black & White, various color toned pictures & a theme based photography as per the characteristic of the models.

Premium Photo Shoot

Portfolio photography suitable for serious models wanting to present the best possible portfolio with the greatest range in looks. Includes both Studio & Location shooting.

Picnic Portfolio Shoot

We can shoot anywhere in the world as long as expenses are paid. So if you want ultra glamorous photos, we could do the shoot on a tropical beach or some other exotic location. It sounds extravagant, but package holidays and flights are often very cheap, so it might be more affordable than you think. And the photos will put your portfolio in a class of its own.

  • Customized Portfolio packages as per your budget also available.

  • Depending on your budget we can try finding a suitable package for you. Packages starts from "Basic Shoot" to "Video Portfolio" - Pricing Rs.19,000/- to Rs.1,76,000/-.

  • Call us to book your photo shoot or further information

Make-up for Men and Women

We only use the best, fully trained professional make-up artists. Professional make-up will make you look your best in the photos, and you can also ask for glamorous and exotic make-up styles that you wouldn't be able to do normally. Booking a make-up artist is optional, because sometimes people prefer to do their own make-up and hair, or to bring a friend to do it, all of which is fine.

Men often wonder whether it's normal for them to book a makeup artist on a shoot. The answer is yes, just as you would have make-up done on TV or in a movie. The makeup will be more subtle than on a woman, and will enhance your features and skin complexion without looking like you're wearing make-up. It is optional though.


We tend to get booked up 1-3 weeks in advance on Saturdays/weekdays.All photography sessions require a deposit to secure the session. Shoots are not confirmed without deposits. Call to book your photography session.

We also offer a range of professional photographic services